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Information For Parents

At Breakthru Institute, I'm deeply committed to guiding your child through the exhilarating yet challenging journey into full adulthood. My services are designed with care to support young adults in personal growth, career exploration, confidence enhancement, goal achievement, and fostering a positive mindset. I believe in empowering your child to navigate this significant life transition with confidence and clarity.
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Core Focus Areas Tailored for Your Child:

  • Personal Development: I offer a supportive journey of self-improvement, helping your child discover their passions, set personal milestones, and find their unique calling.

  • Career Guidance: Through strategic insights, I assist your child in confidently exploring various career paths and making informed decisions about their future.

  • Confidence and Well-being: I prioritize a balanced lifestyle that promotes ambition and well-being, fostering a strong sense of self-belief in your child.

  • Goal Setting and Achievement: I transform dreams into attainable goals, with personalized plans designed for success.

  • Mindset Transformation: I guide your child from "I can't" to "I will," fostering a positive and resilient outlook on life.

Personalized Coaching Sessions:

  • Individual Coaching: Tailored to your child’s unique needs, my one-on-one sessions offer a deep dive into their journey towards adulthood. Each session, lasting 45-60 minutes, is crafted after a complimentary consultation.

  • Group Coaching: In my small group sessions, limited to six participants, your child will benefit from a supportive environment that encourages collective wisdom and shared growth, covering the same core areas as individual coaching.

Begin Your Child’s Breakthru Journey: Embarking on the journey to adulthood is a pivotal experience. I am dedicated to supporting your child every step of the way, illuminating paths and unlocking doors to their potential.

Take the First Step: Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how my coaching can support your child's aspirations and challenges. This no-pressure session is an opportunity to discuss personalized coaching options and how I can best facilitate your child’s growth and success.

Your Child’s Future Awaits: Let’s unlock the possibilities for your child together. Discover the transformative impact personalized coaching can have on their journey to fulfillment. Whether it’s through personal development, career guidance, confidence building, goal setting, or mindset transformation, I'm here to make a significant difference in their life.

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